Looking for my Easter Treats?

They have their own order page! Take a look and see what I can make for you.

Emari Bakes Order Request Form

 This form will only allow for one cake, one type of cupcake, or one type of other baked good to be requested at a time.

If you would like to order more than one cake, please fill out this form as many times as you need. I will put all your form submissions together into one quote for one order.

Cakes have three layers and come in a single tier unless otherwise specified.

Cakes start at $45 for 6″, $55 for 8″, and $30/dozen for cupcakes. Cost estimate will be shown after you make your selections.

Add $5/cake and $2.50/dozen for dairy-free, $10/cake and $5.00/dozen for vegan.

Costs in this form are estimates only. Once you’ve placed your request, I’ll provide a final price for your order.